It does not require you to burn a hole in your pocket if you wish to look stylish in the office. Wear well-fitting clothes, not the ones that are too tight or too baggy. They may give an impression that you are not bothered and unorganized. It is good to invest in a few pieces that flatter your body shape. If you wear the right clothes, you will feel much more confident, which in turn will increase your productivity at work.

Always plan what you are going to wear the night before to eliminate last minute panic choices in the morning when you are in a rush. Have a number of pencil skirts in the wardrobe as you can never go wrong when paired with a fitting blouse. Accessorize smartly; avoid looking like you are heading out to a party.

You can stand out in your workplace by donning a shiny belt. Belts are always in style. They can bring you up the classy scale by several notches while making you appear confident. Wearing a belt also helps camouflage the fact that you are actually wearing a two-piece clothing rather than one.

For a casual working environment, simply pair a long T-shirt with skinny jeans, black flats and a black belt. For a professional working environment, wear a vest over our usual attire or wear a long-sleeved blouse with a pencil skirt and finish the look with a belt. For company dinners, pair a neat top with a black high-waisted pencil skirt and wrap a shiny black belt around the top of the skirt. You will be amazed by how a belt can transform your outfit in a matter of seconds.

It is good to own at least one pair of black heels and one pair of black flats. This way, you are able to maximize your shoe wardrobe to give an impression that you have more clothes than you actually have. You can jazz up a simple outfit with a bejewelled necklace. They do not have to cost a bomb. Invest in a necklace that can be mixed and matched to as many outfits as possible. For instance, a long pearl necklace may be wound twice around your neck for that sophisticated look.

Strive to be professional at all times. It certainly helps to be well-dressed as it may increase your job prospects, but do not forget that doing your best in your job is what matters most. If your company or profession has a specific dress code that you need to adhere to, always follow it and conform to the standards set by your company or profession. You can still shine with your strict dress code.

Looking Stylish At Work