Wearable tech is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world. Everything from watches that give you weather reports and text message updates to heart rate monitors have become the norm. Best of all, the prices are finally starting to become competitive enough from one manufacturer to the next that it’s actually a great time for consumers to hop aboard the bandwagon.

Don’t go buying the first seemingly hot item you come across however! If you want to find the best wearable tech for 2018, you need to do a bit of basic research beforehand. By diving as far into the latest releases as possible, you can make a more informed purchase and hopefully land a piece of tech that will serve you for a long time to come. Here are some key steps to follow:

1 – Browse Online Fashion Stores

First of all, you may as well do some online window shopping! Simple searches such as “new wearable tech releases” will likely lead you to all of the relevant product pages, both on manufacturer websites and online retailers. This will also give you full access to information on the features of each model, the price points, and customer reviews as well. That alone is important enough to comprise the next major point.

2 – Dive Into The Product Reviews

Make sure you look up customer reviews for every piece of wearable tech and the best smartwatches for men that you find interesting. Avoid any testimonials from official websites if you can; those are almost always little more than marketing spin conjured up by the parent company. It’s much more useful to look at the customer ratings that tend to reside along the bottom portions of each product page. If there’s anything faulty or otherwise wrong with the model you’re interested in, someone has likely already written about it.



3 – Consider Refurbished Models

Finally, you should consider buying refurbished models from the manufacturer site if they’re available. If you aren’t a stickler for something being explicitly new, this is a great way to save money. A lot of people assume refurbished models aren’t up to snuff, but their quality has actually been given an official thumbs up from the parent company. Some online retailers such as Amazon or NewEgg also offer refurbished listings for some models, even new releases, so be sure to look carefully before taking the dive on a brand new listing.

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